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Race and Racism; An entry point for discussion for justice involved staff HERE

Guest Speaker at Lehman College for Women's History Month on International Women's Day 

Amsterdam News Article- Amira Crawford - A Story of Resilience (Up Close and Personal) 

Amsterdam News Article - Amira Crawford- Juggling Mental Health and Activism

NRNY Consulting - Interview with Amira Crawford

The Daily News

If you would like to contact us about an interview or discussion- please email Amira Crawford at [email protected]

Things to Watch:

THE AMERICAN LOWS-  "Legacy of White Supremacy"- Our nations leading scholars and experts on race discuss how white supremacy was created and continues in our country. (THIS IS A MUST SEE!)

Amira Crawford Webinar on Self Care for CUSSW 

Kayla Cordero and Nadira Ramcharan's NRNY Consulting - Meeting Our Minds Podcast