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About our humble beginnings, and why we strive to provide accessible, affordable mental health care to the Black and Brown community. On Canvas Rebel Magazine!

amira for her

Read Amira's contribution to Mind Body Green's article 

"I am thrilled to have made a valuable contribution to Mind Body Green, an online magazine with over 10 million readers! As a proud owner of 🖤🤎Amira for Her, 🧡💛a Black and Brown private practice, I shared my expertise on the age-old question of whether opposites truly attract. It was an honor to be featured in such a respected publication, and I can't wait to continue sharing my knowledge and insights with the world.

Opposite Couple Black and White

Our Founder, Amira Martin, LCSW-R,  is interviewed by magazine on adult friendships interviews Amira Martin on Adult Friendships

Race and Racism; An entry point for discussion for justice involved staff HERE

Guest Speaker at Lehman College for Women's History Month on International Women's Day 

Amsterdam News Article- Amira Crawford - A Story of Resilience (Up Close and Personal) 

Amsterdam News Article - Amira Crawford- Juggling Mental Health and Activism

NRNY Consulting - Interview with Amira Crawford

The Daily News

If you would like to contact us about an interview or discussion- please email Amira Crawford at [email protected]

Things to Watch:

THE AMERICAN LOWS-  "Legacy of White Supremacy"- Our nations leading scholars and experts on race discuss how white supremacy was created and continues in our country. (THIS IS A MUST SEE!)

Amira Crawford Webinar on Self Care for CUSSW 

Kayla Cordero and Nadira Ramcharan's NRNY Consulting - Meeting Our Minds Podcast